About Us

Teplis provides comprehensive business travel programs for organizations with global footprints and mid-market sized budgets.

Our Mission

“We strive to be the most competent, reliable and responsive travel & expense partner with an unrelenting desire to provide extraordinary customer service.”

Teplis Travel, founded in 1972, was built on a foundation of service and trust. With over four decades of experience, and a passion for delivering extraordinary service, we continue to thrive as a profitable, world-class travel management company, servicing over 200 corporate clients worldwide.


Our positivity and dedication internally (working together) and commitment to empower our staff externally (working with our clients), are key factors in our continued success.

Teplis’ values highlight our culture and the high level of service we strive to deliver. These values are not just words, but principles we live by each day!


  1. We Treat Our Client’s Money Like It’s Our Own.
    We are cost conscious. We constantly hunt for ways to reduce our client’s expenses, and we make smart and disciplined investments that impact our clients financially.
  2. Be a Service Legend.
    We strive to go above and beyond in everything that we do. We want to leave a legacy through outstanding contributions.
  3. Be Great, Not Good.
    Good confers competency. Great differentiates from the rest.
  4. The Client’s Perception is Our Reality.
    If the customer thinks we failed, then we failed.
  5. Never Stop Improving and Evolving.
    The world doesn’t stand still, neither should we.
  6. The Client Wins. We Win.
    If our clients are successful, then our company succeeds. When problems arise, we solve for root cause; we don’t make the same mistake twice.
  7. Be Passionate and Determined.
    Passion and determination are contagious…they move mountains.
  8. You Get What You Measure.
    We set aggressive goals and constantly measure our performance.
  9. Speak with a Smile.
    We’re enthusiastic about our work and it shows.
  10. Work Should be Fun!
    We do what we love and love what we do!

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