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3 Tips for Staying Fit on Business Trips

Frequent travel has become the norm for many working professionals. In some industries, travel is so frequent that employees negotiate “home time” in their offer letters. Although traveling is great for business, it’s not always great for the traveler’s health.  

Whether you’re traveling independently or through a business travel agency, you might face lack of sleep, irregular meals, extended sitting, dehydration, and stress. If you want to stay fit during your next trip, check out these three simple tips. 

Staying Hydrated 

Did you know your brain registers hunger and thirst as the same feeling? With this internal confusion, travelers tend to overeat and forget about their water intake. Overconsuming calories and under-consuming water leads to quite a few negative side effects, such as constipation and headaches. 

Before you leave home, pack a travel-friendly water bottle. If you forget, just buy one in the vending machine, and continue to reuse the bottle to stay hydrated. When you’re out with colleagues, be sure to drink at least one glass of water before ordering alcohol or other drinks.   

Eating Light is Eating Right 

While you’re away from home, it’s easy to order comfort food. Especially as compared to your regular routine, it’s likely that you’re eating more and exercising less. The meals you eat during a business trip should be scaled down to match that sedentary pattern. 

Consider adding more fiber, fruits, and vegetables than usual to your diet. Essentially, you want your caloric intake to match the amount of movement (or lack thereof) on your lengthy flight and time sitting in a conference room. Lighter meals paired with less movement ensures a healthier outcome. 

Taking Advantage of Little Opportunities 

One of the easiest ways to stay active on a business trip is to get your heart rate up. Rather than catching an Uber or cab to dinner, walk to the restaurant if it’s close enough. You could also opt out of using a luggage dolly, and take the stairs to get to your room. If weather permits, do a few laps around the hotel block to get in some quick cardio before your day begins. 

Although they’re minor, these small opportunities add up to burning calories, especially when you don’t have time or energy to hit the hotel gym. For your next trip, plan accordingly by packing your tennis shoes or mapping out your restaurants according to distance.  

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It’s your business travel agency’s job to get you to your destination, but it’s your job to stay healthy and fit. If you need help with your next corporate travel trip, contact Teplis Travel Agency at 800-669-6547 to speak with an experienced representative. We combine the guaranteed lowest fares with highly customized service platforms to suit the needs of any business traveler.

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