5 Must-Have Travel Gadgets for 2019

When traveling, having your needs met is of the utmost importance. Certain gizmos and gadgets can be the difference-maker when these moments arise. From portable wifi and water filtration to knowing where your keys and wallet are, this list has what you need. Check out five of our top choices for traveling tech in 2019.

1. Skyroam Global Hotspot

To start off our list we think this is a must-have technology. This little guy lets you carry unlimited wifi that fits in your pocket. No matter where you go, starting at only $8 a day, you can have the freedom to tap into the internet and get work done anywhere. You just press the start button and activate a 24-hour period and can connect up to five devices.

To buy: skyroam.com, $80 for the device

2. Tile Mate

Tile’s Bluetooth tracker is perhaps the smartest buy on this list. Attached to your keys, luggage, passport, wallet, or anything else important worth tracking, using a simple smartphone you’ll never lose what you need. Can’t find your phone? Press Tile’s button twice and it’ll start ringing, even on silent mode!

To buy: The Tile App, starting at $25

3. Nintendo Switch

Traveling can get a bit boring, especially when flying overseas. iPhone games, while fun, can be a bit too simple and not to mention drain your battery that you will desperately need when you land. Put those idle hands to use on the new Nintendo Switch instead. With amazing games and graphics, this portable device is perfect for travel. Available apps in the Nintendo store so you can buy games at the touch of a button, and also watch your favorite shows on Hulu.

To buy: Nintendo Switch, starting at $300

4. DJI’s Mavic Pro 2

With its new 4k Hasselblad camera, intuitive smartphone control, and a huge 31 minutes of flying time, DJI’s upgraded Mavic Pro 2 is hands down the best travel drone on the market. Compact and foldable, this device is packed with intelligent features and can fly as far as 4.3 miles, allowing you to capture the beauty of your surroundings. Perfect for travelers eager to immortalize and share their adventures on the go.

To buy: DJI’s Mavic Pro 2, starting at $1,500

5. GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier

Contaminated water is among the leading causes for a traveler to have health problems. This makes a water purification system a must on any trip. Often when traveling its ideal to get away from the big cities for a few days to enjoy the natural splendor of the new world you’ve entered into. Unsafe tap water or even river water might be your only option and fortunately, there is a product designed to help in such circumstances. GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier is a state-of-the-art device capable of transforming almost any tap or natural water into pure drinking water in just 15 seconds. With a replaceable purified cartridge, this device protects against viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, as well as many chemicals. This is an excellent way to get safe drinking water on the go, while at the same time-saving money.

To buy: GRAYL’s Ultralight Purifier, starting at $60

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