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5 Ways to Get Your Employees Involved in Travel and Expense Savings

When it comes to saving money on business travel and expenses, working with a corporate travel agency goes a long way to creating and enforcing travel policies. However, businesses can’t fully benefit from managed corporate travel services if employees are resistant to or ignore policies.

When employees are actively engaged in travel expense management, they’re more motivated to drive cost savings. Here are some strategies managers can implement to educate employees about business travel policies and increase compliance without affecting company morale.

Help Employees Understand the Benefits of a Corporate Travel Policy

Communicate the Importance of Travel Savings

Balancing cost management and employee satisfaction is no easy task, which is why it’s important to ensure employees understand why these cost saving measures matter in the first place.

Managing costs matters for your company’s bottom line and overall corporate culture. Explain to employees that travel expenses are often one of the biggest portions of a business’s operating costs and that the savings gained from adhering to a corporate travel policy go a long way to change your business’s financial trajectory in a positive way. This ultimately benefits everyone, including employees, when there’s more money left to apply to other shared goals.

Set the Example – Compliance Starts from the Top Down

Leadership and management must be active participants in managing travel costs and adhering to policies. When employees see the positive example set from the top down, they are more likely to demonstrate similar behaviors when it comes to saving and travel policy compliance.

Set Travel and Expense Saving Goals

A goal that everyone in the company can work toward is beneficial for everyone involved. Goal-setting establishes a team mindset, where employees are eager and willing to share money-saving tips and best practices when planning travel while encouraging one another to save and succeed.

Celebrate Success and Good Behaviors

Consider incentivizing travel and expense savings. Employees are more motivated to generate savings for their employers when they’re able to personally share in the savings. By recognizing achievements in policy compliance and travel savings, you’ll encourage employees to go above and beyond to seek out cost-saving opportunities. This can be done through company-wide emails, recognition at company events or rewarding employees and teams with special perks to recognize their efforts to positively impact the company’s bottom line.

Take Advantage of Travel Technologies

Working with a corporate travel agency gives your business access to mobile and web-based technologies that can increase traveler policy compliance and maximize savings on travel expenses. Online booking tools, automated travel approval, and real-time expense reporting all contribute to saving on business travel and expenses.

A successful travel and expense management program starts from the top down and relies on the willing participation of the company’s employees. Teplis works with you to increase traveler compliance and maximize business travel savings. To find out how much you can save on business travel by working with a corporate travel agency, contact Teplis by calling 1 800 669-6547 today.

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