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8 Smart Business Travel Hacks

Corporate travel can be hectic will all its moving parts. From booking to planning meetings, and ensuring all your work gets done, it can be a stressful time. However, many of these mental burdens can be alleviated with simple, time-saving tricks.  

Although the itinerary supplied by your business travel agency will help, here are some travel hacks that will free up your time while you’re on the road. 

1. Schedule Your Ride 

If you plan on using Uber or Lyft, schedule your pickup time in the app. This feature is free and standard for both services. A scheduled pick-up time also adds an incentive for you to be ready and packed on time. 

2. Roll Your Clothes 

When packing your suitcase, roll clothes that aren’t formalwear to avoid creases and save space. This simple technique works for almost all garments and will amplify the amount of room available in your bags.  

3. Include Dryer Sheets 

Have you noticed your clothes smell differently when you come back from a trip? Pack a few dryer sheets in your suitcase. It’ll prevent your clothes from getting that hotel and airport mustiness.  

4. Download First, Travel Second 

Banking on passing time on the plane by watching the next season of your favorite show or listening to a podcast? Download the episode before you step foot on the plane. That way, you already have it in the queue when you’re without Wi-Fi.  

5. Go for the Extra Reach 

Invest in a longer cell phone charging chord. Outlets aren’t always conveniently placed at airport gates, hotel lobbies, and hotel rooms. It’ll save you from awkwardly squatting or reaching. 

6. Carry On, Carry On 

Depending on your trip’s length, try and fit as much as you can into your carry-on bags. This often saves you money, allows you to enter and exit the airport quicker, and ensures all your belongings are always with you.  

7. Pack Early  

Toiletries are typically the last items packed because they’re used the morning of a departure. The night before, pack your bathroom items in your toiletry bag. The morning of your trip, use it as if you would in a hotel room, keeping it on the vanity. When you’re done, put them right back in the toiletry bag, and they’ll be ready to go on the trip with you!

8. Snap Your Spot 

Before you leave the parking lot at the airport, take a picture of the signage indicating where your car is parked. You want to capture your level, aisle, and/or garage number to ensure you find it quickly upon your return.  

Don’t let the details of a corporate trip bog you down—use these travel hacks to save you time each step of the way. Working with a business travel agency like Teplis Travel can also save you time throughout your trip. We have over 40 years of experience as one of the world’s leading business travel agencies. Get in touch with an experienced representative today by calling 800-669-6547.


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