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8 Women Shattering the Travel Industry’s Glass Ceiling

More and more women are now executives at major travel brands, running their own companies and launching some of the coolest travel startups out there. The website Mashable took a look at female achievers in a variety of travel companies from massive corporations to startups to more intimate mom-and-pop shops in order to show there’s more than one way to be a fabulous woman working in the travel industry. “As a woman who has operated Teplis Travel as a Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise for over four decades, I support and applaud the women in this industry who are excelling in leadership roles and overseeing major travel brands. I agree, if you love travel, you find a way to make your passion your work!” – Monica Teplis, Founder and Chairman of Teplis Travel. To learn about the women featured in Mashable’s article, click here.

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