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A Hyper-sonic Jet That Would Fly from NYC to London in 1 Hour

(Inhabitat) A new hyper-sonic jet design from Airbus, which was just approved by the US Patents and Trademark Office, looks to create something of a successor to the now-retired Concorde. But, rather than flying at a measly Mach 2, the proposed rocket-powered Concorde 2.0 would traverse the skies at Mach 4.5. That’s four and a half times the speed of sound – some 3000mph – and it could take passengers from NYC to London in just one hour. Two turbojets mounted under the fuselage would be used in conjunction with a rocket motor mounted at the rear so as to take off, and would ascend vertically—more in the manner of a space shuttle than an airplane. The turbojets would then shut down and retract into the fuselage, while the rocket engine would lift the aircraft to a cruising altitude of 100,000 feet. To read more, click here.

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