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Airlines Accept Plan to Fix Overhead Panels

Despite the nearly $27 million price tag, airlines aren’t fighting a federal proposal to improve the safety of overhead equipment panels in Boeing 737 aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration proposed the regulation in October because of reports that passengers were hit in the face and head by the panels of equipment that typically hold reading lights and oxygen masks below the carry-on bins. Another concern was that the fallen panels could hinder evacuation during an emergency. The National Transportation Safety Board investigated several survivable accidents from 2008 through 2011 in which the panels separated from the planes, likely increasing the number of reported occupant injuries, particularly to the head and face. To remedy the problem, the FAA is proposing that airlines install new support cords for the panels within five years. The only suggestion that the airlines offered was to extend the repair deadline to seven years, so that repairs could coincide with major maintenance overhauls and avoid taking planes out of service twice. (USA Today)

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