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Airlines React to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fears

The air-travel industry is caught up in Samsung’s global recall of its Galaxy Note 7 following reports of the phone exploding or catching fire. Fearing battery fires on board, the US Federal Aviation administration on Sept. 8 warned travelers against turning on, charging, or stowing the Samsung phablet. Several Australian airlines—Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia—echoed the FAA’s guidance and banned passengers from charging or using the phones on board. (The US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Samsung both say people shouldn’t use or charge the Galaxy Note 7—at all.) But air-travel authorities and airlines have been slow to prohibit the phones altogether. Delta has prohibited stowing the device in checked baggage, while American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Virgin America told Quartz that customers should follow the FAA’s recommendations but they have not issued bans. To read more at Quartz, click here. To read more about the recall, click here.

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