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Airlines Under Scrutiny Over Technology

We’ve seen it too many times. Airline computer systems shut down leaving passengers stranded for days, resulting in massive revenue hits, ruined vacations, and lost productivity. What’s behind this? American blamed SABRE when its reservation system crashed in 2015; United has cited various gremlins over the years including “router failure”; Southwest faulted a “network equipment failure”; and most recently Delta fingered the Atlanta power company for its crash, but turns out it was actually an issue with Delta’s equipment. Now two U.S. senators, Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Edward Markey (D-Mass) have sent a letter to twelve U.S. airlines asking them about efforts to ensure that their IT systems are reliable. The senators posed 10 questions to the carriers, and asked for a response by Sept. 16. Among other inquiries, they asked airlines to explain what steps they are taking to modernize their IT systems; what safeguards and backups they currently have in place; and whether they provide compensation, free re-bookings, or accommodations on other airlines in the event of cancellations. To read more about the Senators’ inquiry, click here. To read more about what may be causing the outages, click here. (Travel Weekly, The Huffington Post)

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