Americans’ Overseas Travel Surged in 2018

The number of international trips taken by U.S. citizens jumped 6% in 2018, according to the National Travel and Tourism Office.

In total, U.S. citizens took 93 million trips abroad last year.

The largest jump was in air travel to overseas markets. Regional results were:

  • Europe, 17.7 million travelers, up 12%
  • Caribbean, 8.3 million travelers, up 5%
  • Asia, 6.3 million travelers, up 8%
  • Central America, 3.2 million travelers, up 7%
  • Middle East, 2.4 million travelers, up 6%
  • South America, 2.1 million travelers, up 9%
  • Oceania, 861,000 travelers, up 11%
  • Africa, 432,000 travelers, up 7%

Within North America, foreign travel by U.S. citizens was up a smaller 4%. The number of citizens who traveled to Mexico went up 6%. Outbound U.S. travel to Canada was flat.

Overall, U.S. citizens made 51.3 million trips to North American markets and 41.8 million trips to the rest of the world in 2018.

(Travel Weekly)

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