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Americans Are Vacation Deprived

Another summer in the United States, another summer where half the country only dreamed of a real vacation. As in summers past, a vast swath of Americans did not take time off to hit the beach, take a road trip, visit a national park, or explore countries beyond their borders. The lack of vacation time taken by U.S. workers is an understood challenge both to the mental health of workers and the financial health of the country. Unlike every other industrial nation other than China, the U.S. has no legally mandated minimums for time off for workers. According to Project Time Off, an advocacy group backed by the U.S. travel and tourism industry, “If American workers used all of their available time off, the U.S. economy could reap an additional $160 billion in total business sales each year, supporting 1.2 million new American jobs. Furthermore, this additional economic activity would generate more than $21 billion in taxes.” To read more at Skift, click here.

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