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Book Your Holiday Flights Now, But Avoid These 3 Days

You could probably guess that now is the best time to book your flights for Thanksgiving and winter holidays, but just how desperate is the situation? Pretty desperate, in fact, according to the Huffington Post. You’re gonna want to book ASAP, unless you’re a highly flexible traveler. Flight prices may go down in the coming weeks, but so will the number of flight options to choose from. Oh, and booking now will also help you avoid flying on one of these three terrible no-no days: Wednesday, Nov. 25; Sunday, Nov. 29 and Sunday, Jan. 3. These three days will likely be the hands-down worst for travel this holiday season, with the day before Thanksgiving incredibly expensive, as usual, along with the following Sunday. Christmas and New Years fall on Fridays, giving folks few weekday options to travel homeward. This will make the Sunday after New Years a BIG one in terms of travel: Avoid it to escape major flight fares. To view the complete article, click here.

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