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Is a Boom in Supersonic Travel Coming?

Colorado-based Boom, which is developing a 45-seat supersonic passenger plane, already has a commitment from Virgin Group chief Sir Richard Branson for 10 aircraft, and Virgin has agreed to work with the manufacturer on technical aspects and flight testing of the plane. And now an “unnamed European carrier” has optioned 15 aircraft from the manufacturer as well. The difference between Boom’s much smaller SST and the discontinued Concorde is that the new plane’s fuel economy is substantially better – allowing it to operate profitably at much lower fares. Boom is projecting a business class type of experience, both in the cabin and the fares that will be possible. As for the time savings, Boom’s projected airspeed is 10 percent faster than Concorde’s Mach 2.0. This will deliver flight times considerably less than with conventional airlines, making it possible to fly from San Francisco to Tokyo in 5.5 hours instead of 11, or from Los Angeles to Sydney in 6 hours and 45 minutes instead of 15 hours. To read more at TravelSkills, click here.

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