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Business Etiquette Around the World

With the rise of international relations, it’s become extremely important to acknowledge cultural differences and abide by cultural norms when doing business in foreign countries. When meeting with your counterparts, there are many things to consider. How should you greet them? Should you make strong eye contact? When dining out, what kind of etiquette is expected? You may be surprised that in some countries, like New Zealand and Mexico, women are expected to initiate handshakes. In other countries, like the UAE and China, an emphasis is placed on greeting people in order of seniority. Body language is also important. In Japan, gesturing excessively or sitting with your legs crossed is considered rude. In New Zealand, a thumbs-up is taken as an insult. The folks at GetVOIP have created a guide to global business etiquette which has plenty of insight to the social side of doing business, to check your knowledge of international cultural norms, click here.

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