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How Business Travel Affects Families | Teplis Travel

Many people grow with envy when they see their friends or family traveling all over the world for their job. However, this work requirement is taking a significant toll on families. Frequent trips impact travelers and their loved ones in numerous ways.  

You’ll notice changes physically, plus, trips can reduce your time at home, hinder parenting, and isolate the traveler away from family. Whether you’re contemplating a new job requiring travel, or you’re already working with a business travel agency, consider these factors that can impact your family. 

Your Routine Will Change 

Business class seating and quality hotels are comfortable, but they aren’t enough to replenish the damage that travel can have on everyday routines. Thankfully, your body is somewhat good at adjusting to your lifestyle, though you may experience some side effects. 

Your sleep is not only disrupted by being on the go, but also by being in different time zones. You may be comfortable waking up at 6:00 AM in Atlanta, but your body’s in for a shock when you’re alert at 3:00 AM in San Francisco.  

Additionally, it’s especially difficult to maintain healthy habits like exercise, diet, and social functions. You may not have access to a gym or your regular dining options. You also won’t be able to effectively participate in any sports or social clubs if you’re a couple of hundred miles away.  

The Parental Divide 

A traveling parent leaves their family to a one-parent household. Often, the one left behind bears the burden of financial management, chores, and discipline. This imbalance can skew a child’s perception of his parent’s relationship and parenting abilities. 

Your children will begin to view the parent left in charge as a disciplinary who doesn’t want to have any fun. Combine this with the traveler returning home with gifts upon arrival, and you have a recipe for a parental divide.  

Inversely, if you are gone too much, your relationships with your kids can suffer. They may view you as a stranger in their household, specifically in younger children.  

Learning to be Present 

One stealthy way business travel is damaging families is the process of “the revolving door”. 

Even though you’re physically home, you are either packing, unpacking, or planning your next trip.  

When you’re home, make a conscious effort to be present both mentally and physically. Put down technology and immerse yourself into quality family time. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself relationally isolated in your own home. 

You don’t have to sacrifice your family to be a traveling employee. Be conscious and take some steps to make your family a priority. Bring your family with you or save time booking trips with a travel company like Teplis Travel.  

We provide the most efficient corporate travel services and would love to help you and your family grow together even while you’re apart.  Contact one of travel representatives, or call 1-800-669-6547 to book today and experience the Teplis difference. 

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