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Atlanta is a one of a kind city. The epicenter of the southeast and a cultural mecca. Not only the home of Teplis Travel, but Atlanta has enough good food and attractions to make anyone visit again and again. Whether you’re spending time in Piedmont Park, walking the beltline, grabbing some food or visiting the world’s biggest aquarium there’s a never-ending list of things to do and places to go. The home of Coca-Cola and a hub for fried chicken, Atlanta has the world’s busiest airport and internationally renowned museums. As tough as it is to point you in only a view directions, anytime you get to spend in Atlanta will be a cultural experience for a lifetime.

Attractions on Attractions on Attractions

Once you fly into Atlanta you’ll take a quick drive into the city and become flooded with options. On top of that list is always going to be The Georgia Aquarium. With a wide variety of marine life and interactive activities for visitors, the world’s largest aquarium houses more than 100,000 aquatic creatures, including the largest in the ocean – whale sharks. Visitors with SCUBA diving certifications can participate in the dive program and swim in the big tank and for those less adventurous there is an acrylic tunnel to walk through and view fish swimming on all sides.

Only steps away from the aquarium are both The World of Coke and The Center for Civil and Human Rights. Both exploring the past and the future The World of Coke illustrates the historical and triumphal progress of the world’s most famous drink with activities for all ages. As well as an all-you-can-drink coke product room. The Center for Civil and Human Rights is a beautifully conceived center/museum that places the newscasts, speeches, photos, videos, personal accounts and interactive experiences that bring visitors into the historic struggle. Only noting a few attractions, be sure to explore the Atlanta government’s official tourism website here.

Food & Drink

Atlanta is known for a lot but above all its amazing food scene. While there are many classic southern comfort food recommendations we could make, we wanted to take you off the beaten path a bit. Starting about 20 minutes north-east from the downtown a district known as Buford Highway has an endless amount of diversity. Whether you’re looking for Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Peruvian, Mexican and so much more there are multiple options for each one.

Bo Bo Garden is so authentic you might have to ask for help to order. Contrasting the northern and southern branches of Chinese cuisine their cooking is simple and sublime. Clay pots filled with rice and spare ribs with taro root or their signature crispy garlic chicken there is nothing on the menu that won’t put a smile on your face and keep you full.

Moving a bit closer to the city, located in the Cabbagetown neighborhood, Lazy Betty may be a newcomer but certainly serves food up to par with the best in the world. Offering thoughtful and creative tasting menus Lazy Betty serves a seven-course, dining room only experience that changes with whatever is fresh for the season. Without being able to make a specific reccomendation on an item we can promise that your expectations will be exceeded and you’ll leave extremely happy with what you just ate!

As for grabbing a drink, Atlanta offers a multitude of options. Located in the newly built West-midtown district Little Trouble is an experience all in itself. A Japanese style eatery and bar Little Trouble offers tasty Asian street snacks with a full bar. Lined with iconic neon lights and a unique underground Japanese bar interior design, Little Trouble has become a staple of Atlanta’s bustling nightlife.

If you’re in the mood to join the “cool kids” in the Edgewood district in East-Atlanta, then you’ll be stopping by a bar by the name or Mother or better known as “Mom’s”. Serving up chicken wings and burgers with local craft beers and a full bar, Mother is located on a street adjacent to Martin Luther King Jr.’s final resting place. With nightlife all around you, you’re bound to have a phenomenal time.

Despite its legendary traffic, Atlanta is a city best navigated by car, so rent one or have the number of a car service handy. The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) is a system of buses and trains that offer access to major attractions and destinations in the city, including the airport. Each ride is $2.50 and there are discounts for multiple rides.

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