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Common Taxi Scams, and How to Avoid Them

Taxi drivers are a diverse lot. From the white-gloved drivers of Japan to the proud professionals of the United Kingdom and Ireland that must pass rigorous local geography tests before taking to the wheel, most are out to make an honest living. In other places, regulations are patchwork (or nonexistent) and drivers and operators may be looking for extra ways to separate you from your money. Our friends at USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices have put together an excellent guide to the various ways cab drivers can scam their passengers. To view the informative list, click here. Note: While some of the potential scams listed in the article wouldn’t be possible with Uber/Lyft drivers, because of the different ways in which rides are secured, many of the scams on the list would still be something to watch out for, especially when traveling in an unfamiliar city.

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