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How Does Your Corporate Travel Agency Stack Up?

When it comes to selecting a corporate travel agency it pays to take a close look at everything the agency offers – and the things that they don’t. Traditional corporate travel agencies often take a cookie cutter approach to working with businesses. For example, while they may have an online component, it is often geared toward capturing data and not making information easily accessible to travel program managers and employees.

This means most corporate travel agencies are behind the times in using technology to personalize their services. Yet, the success of your travel program depends on how easy it is for employees and administrators to manage their travel and expenses.

Here are some key questions to consider as you evaluate a potential corporate travel agency.

Does Your Corporate Travel Agency Use Advanced Mobile Technology?

An effective corporate travel agency uses advanced technology to center solutions around end users – the employee who is traveling and the manager in charge of travel and expenses. Mobile access is key to achieving this goal.

Mobile access to your corporate travel program enables your employees to manage the details of their travel arrangements and gives managers easy access to the entire program. Mobile access gives employees the ability to book airfare, rent a car, and book a hotel room right from their phone. Mobile access also makes it easy for employees to enter and report expenses and for managers to process those expenses quickly, saving time that can be directed toward other high value tasks. Mobile access should be integrated with travel and expense reporting systems so your company benefits from a unified solution.

Does Your Corporate Travel Agency Provide Automatic Notifications?

A major goal of your corporate travel program is to get employees to their destination on time and within budget. However, flight changes, delays, and cancellations occur regularly. These disruptions can be costly if employees who are traveling don’t find out about them in time. Getting mobile phone alerts ensure that travelers are made aware of itinerary changes right away and can work with your corporate travel agency to make alternative arrangements if necessary.

Some corporate travel agencies take automatic notifications one step further by providing clients with an early warning system that alerts travelers whenever weather, health conditions, or civil disturbances may affect travelers.

Does Your Corporate Travel Program Provide Real Time Data?

In today’s digital economy, information not only has to be mobile, it must be immediate. Look for a corporate travel agency that allows you to view and download real time travel data online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This makes it easy to manage budgets, control spending, and achieve savings goals for your company. Information on policy compliance and usage should be consolidated in one place so managers can quickly see and report on how much is being saved through the travel management program.

Teplis uses advanced technology to provide companies with travel solutions and expense reporting systems that achieve real savings. Contact Teplis Travel today to get started.


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