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Delta Going Biometric at Reagan Airport

Delta will be testing a biometric boarding pass process at Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) allowing eligible Delta SkyMiles Members enrolled in CLEAR to forego a paper or mobile boarding pass and hard copy ID in favor of using fingerprints as proof of identity at the Delta Sky Club.

The DCA pilot will test how Delta and CLEAR systems work together while laying the foundation for Delta to deliver a more convenient customer experience broadly in the future.

During Phase 1, which is currently underway, Delta customers with a SkyMiles number and who are enrolled in CLEAR can use their fingerprints to enter the Delta Sky Club only, using one of three scanners.

During Phase 2 (date to be announced) Delta plans to expand passenger biometrics as ID to Delta’s ticket counter work stations for bag drops, Delta Sky Club desks for entrance verification, and at gates for boarding. With biometric boarding pass technology powered by CLEAR at all of these touch points, eligible Members would be able to traverse DCA using only their fingerprints.

Over the past year, Delta has led the industry on a number of innovative customer solutions like biometric-based self-service bag drop, RFID baggage handling, real-time bag tracking via the Fly Delta mobile app, more efficient and high tech automated screening lanes and a groundbreaking app that helps Delta pilots avoid turbulence for a more comfortable flight. Delta’s partnership with CLEAR already gives exclusive rates to U.S.-based SkyMiles Members for a faster way through security lines at more than 20 airports nationwide, including DCA.

Findings from the DCA test will be analyzed to determine next steps for improving the process and broader implementation.

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