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FTC Asks Congress to Crack Down on Resort Fees

According to a new study by Travelers United, 1,671 U.S. hotels charged resort fees — and not one of them included those charges in their advertised nightly rates. The average resort fee was $24.93 per night, which allowed hotels to collect an estimated $2.04 billion in mandatory charges in 2015. Now we learn FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez has written a letter to 10 members of Congress, asking them to consider drafting new laws to prevent travelers from discovering that kind of unpleasant surprise on their hotel bills. Although only an estimated 7% of available hotels and lodging options charge resort fees, they still add up to big, big bucks. The FTC may be right: it might take the government to stop them from being added to our collective hotel bills. Until that happens, there’s nothing consumers can do except read all the fine print before booking a room. All of it. (USA Today)

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