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Hacks For Working Those Long TSA Lines

George Hobica and the Huffington Post have put together a list of “hacks” for beating the wait times at TSA checkpoints so you don’t miss your flight. The advice runs from the obvious, “Sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry” to the sublime “Buy your way to the front of the line”, (which suggests using Delta’s VIP Select Service,  which for $250 on top of any Delta fare, gets you escorted to the front of the TSA line and a transfer between flights via a private car service on the tarmac. (Only offered at LAX, JFK, San Francisco, LaGuardia and Atlanta.) There are many less expensive options available to travelers who are savvy and paying attention. At the end of the day whether or not you miss your flight is totally dependent on you…so take some responsibility and check out this informative article at Huffington Post by clicking here.

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