Hawaii, South Africa Fares Hit Historic Lows

If you’ve checked out of summer travel season to avoid the crowds, and you are wondering where to go this fall, here are two great (and unusually cheap) ideas: South Africa or Hawaii.

Fares have plummeted to both destinations from cities all over the US. You must book your tickets now and fly this fall or winter to get the deals.

How low? How about just $580-$650 or so round trip to Cape Town, South Africa? That’s insane. And it’s an insanely long flight, but the payoff is great.

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. When it’s winter here, it’s summer down there. Plus, the US dollar is very strong there. If South Africa is on your bucket list and you don’t mind a 25-or-so-hour slog to get there from SFO with stops on the east coast and/or Europe, then now is the time to book.

Similar $600 or so roundtrip deals are available from several other US cities (Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami) according to the Thrifty Traveler fare monitoring service. If you are a SkyTeam member, you earn a big load of miles, too because these flights are on Delta, Air France or KLM. But for the sake of your sanity and rear end, try to find a one stop versus a two stop flight.

Hawaii, Too

Those images of lava are clearly scaring away a lot of tourists…we’ve seen fares from the West Coast to Kona plunge to well below $400 several times this year, and now they are back and not just from the West Coast. We found fares NYC to Kona for as little as $353 on American Airlines, United and Hawaiian. Thrifty wrote in an email, “This is the lowest fare from NYC to Hawaii we’ve ever posted.” Nonstops from most California cities to Kona are as low as $337 round trip for fall trips Sept-December.

Now’s the time to book fall flights just about anywhere to get a good deal… and it’s a good idea to book now because with jet fuel prices on the rise, these crazy low fares can’t last forever.


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