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Hot New Travel Gear: August 2015

(Travel Weekly) NokHoo Laptop Backpacks are fully padded, at once protecting you and your contents; have numerous zippered pockets, side pockets and an easy-to-reach shoulder pocket; are water resistant; and are manufactured to last. What really makes them standout, however, is the unique, custom artwork that adorns each bag, including screen prints and embroidery. LAMOVE Mobile Closet has two separate sections: a garment portion for hanging dresses, slacks and blouses, and a removable wardrobe portion that can be zipped out and carried separately as a tote. Other attributes: a cantilevered shelf; magnetically closed pockets; a shoe section that fits heels and flats; a heat-resistant storage packet for flat or curling irons; and a detachable jewelry roll that can be used as a clutch or placed in a hotel safe. To learn more, click here.

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