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House Committee Submits Travel Bill with Sweeping Changes

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved legislation Thursday that would transfer authority over U.S. air traffic control (ATC) from the FAA to a nonprofit corporation. The bill, which passed 32-26 along partisan lines, will next go before the full House for approval. Opponents of the bill include a number of consumer groups and Delta Air Lines, who recently published a study showing privatization increased costs. During the course of Thursday’s debate, the transportation committee considered about 75 amendments to the bill and approved more than half of them. Among those that got through, was a proposal by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (D-Fla.) to do away with the federal full-fare advertising rule implemented by the Department of Transportation in 2012. Defeated during the debate Thursday, was an amendment proposed by transportation committee member Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) that would have directed the FAA to set seat-size minimums on commercial airlines. To read more about the bill at Travel Weekly, click here.

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