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How ‘Brexit’ Will Affect Travel to Europe

What happens in the aftermath of “Brexit,” is far from clear, but American travelers heading abroad will see some immediate positive effects. The most important change is in the exchange rate between the dollar and the British pound, which has recorded its lowest rate in about 30 years after the results of the vote were published, providing American travelers a discount on prices paid throughout Britain. “Since yesterday, you get a lot more bang for your buck in the U.K.,” said Zach Honig, editor in chief at, which covers travel and incentives. “For lots of people, London is traditionally an expensive tourist destination, and with this shift the U.K. and specifically London probably are now within reach for a lot of U.S.-based travelers.” The dollar has also improved against the euro, making travel within countries using the euro cheaper. It’s also a good time to book air travel, but that’s been true for the last six weeks. Airfares to Europe have been plummeting, especially for late summer travel, with fares to Europe from the United States running as low as $400 and $500 round-trip, pre-Brexit. Two to three years ago, summer airfares to Europe were running in the $1,800 range. To read more at The New York Times, click here.

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