How Meetings are Changing Due to Attendee Engagement

Meeting organizers and business travel agencies alike are having to adjust the way they help customers plan corporate events. The days of large auditoriums, set meal times, and rigged scheduling are coming to an end.

The past couple of decades, technology has enabled easy access to instant information. The result of these innovations is a generation of business people that are less reliant on lectures and speeches for their information. They prefer a more immersive experience. This shift in preference, as discussed below, is changing the way organizers are planning meeting activities, event spaces, and meals.


In addition to technology changing how people are learning, it also has resulted in decreased attention spans. This combination has led to an increase in faster-paced business meetings, which allows attendees to be more interactive with presenters.

For example, discussion panels have become more popular in the past few years. In a more personal setting, attendees can receive the information they need through conversation, rather than a long, drawn-out lecture.

Exhibit vendors have started placing an emphasis on team building exercises and workshops. These activities allow for relational development and networking. Most attendees welcome these exercises as a break from a monotonous meeting schedule.

Event Spaces

Perhaps one of the most significant changes organizers are making is to the event spaces they use for their meetings. While global brand hotels are still popular, organizers are looking at different options to create a unique experience for attendees.

Some event planners are considering options like cabins in the woods or pairing a boutique hotel for lodging with a warehouse for meetings and activities. They propose that these locations heighten attendees’ creativity and allow for more growth than traditional meeting rooms.

Hotels like the Crowne Plaza have begun attempting to accommodate the new shift in workspace preference. Select locations are now offering flexible studio meeting rooms with couches, televisions, smart technology, and natural lighting.

Food and Beverage

The traditional approach to business event meals has been to have a set time to have a quick meal in-between activities. However, with the healthy lifestyle trend in full force, more people have dietary restrictions on when and what they eat.

Continuous breaks with snacks or options where attendees can eat their meal when they want are becoming more and more popular. This allows delegates to feel the personal accommodation they value so highly. The more control over meals you put into your attendees’ hands, the happier they’ll be.

Don’t let your next event end up with an auditorium full of delegates counting the minutes until the speaker finishes. Consider how interests are changing and create a memorable experience for all who attend.

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