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How to Survive Insane San Francisco This Fall

With San Francisco at the epicenter of a global boom, techies from around the world are flooding into town this fall during the city’s peak convention season. From the Salesforce confab attracting 60,000+ people this week, to Oracle’s OpenWorld conference in late October, to the Super Bowl in February, everyone is headed to SF. When a big “citywide” like that comes to town, nearly every hotel in the Bay Area is sold out, or its rates are hyper-inflated. During these peak weeks, you’ll pay a minimum of about $500 for an decent room and feel lucky that you even found one. Traffic is insane and restaurant reservations become hard to come by. Luckily for travelers the folks at TravelSkills weekly have put together a survival guide to help you navigate the throngs of visitors. To read more, click here.

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