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In-Flight Wi-Fi Is About To Get Much Better

According to a 2016 global report by Routehappy, which rates flight amenities, travelers currently have a chance of getting Wi-Fi on more than one-third of available seats worldwide, with around 60 airlines offering the service. But just 6 percent of the flights with Wi-Fi have connectivity that is comparable to a home broadband service and which allows for data-rich usage such as video streaming. Lately, competition from new satellite-based services has put more established aviation connectivity providers under pressure. Shares in Gogo, which provides in-flight Wi-Fi in North America using Air-To-Ground technology, fell in February after American Airlines threatened to end its contract via a lawsuit, saying that the Viasat service was superior. Rival Panasonic is also looking at commissioning entire satellite payloads as it seeks more capacity for its existing global network, David Bruner, vice president of global communications services at Panasonic Avionics, told Reuters. To read more at Huffington Post, click here.

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