How to Increase Business Travel Productivity

Staying productive during a business trip is crucial in getting the most out of your time. Using a corporate travel agency will help increase front-end productivity, but a lot of time is lost during the actual trip.  

It’s easy to think that business trips are a great way to eliminate distractions and focus on your work, but you may face some factors that can slow you down. Here are a few ways you can increase your productivity while traveling. 

Control Your Diet 

One subtle way you may fall on the unproductive path is by eating unhealthily or significantly less during travel. Airports are filled with tempting, yet unhealthy, snacks and restaurants. The last thing you want to do is eat a fatty, greasy meal only to feel exhausted or sick on a plane. 

If you avoid eating, low blood sugar can lead to disruptive headaches and fatigue. Pack some healthy snacks, such as protein bars, dried fruit, or nuts to help your body stay healthy and attentive. Additionally, packing your own food will save you time standing in line or shopping through a convenience store. 

Prioritize Tasks 

Almost everyone who travels has a mental or physical checklist of what they want to do during their time away, but by taking an added step, you can make sure you’re staying on task. Write down a list of work that you want to complete on your trip, then score each priority  

Starting from the most important task, begin giving yourself deadlines for each thing on the list. Whenever you have time to work, evaluate your deadlines and priorities, then choose the task that makes the most sense. It is important when using this method to make realistic deadlines, so you don’t always feel rushed while working. 

Be Smart About Your Sleep 

It is imperative that you get a good night’s rest before your trip. Many travelers plan to sleep on the plane, but this one of the biggest mistakes you can make during a business trip. The sleep you can get on a plane will constantly be disturbed due to the restless and turbulent nature of a flight.  

Additionally, you will often be switching time zones, and your body will already have a difficult time going to sleep at a regular hour.  Rest the night before and use your extra time on the plane to prepare for meetings or get work done. Controlling your sleep schedule will help you have more energy and complete tasks more efficiently throughout the trip. 

Don’t waste valuable time during your business travel being disorganized and tired. Stay productive on your next trip by following these simple tips.

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