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Inside Tokyo’s Swankiest Capsule Hotels

Traditionally, Japanese capsule hotels have had a shabby reputation. Often located in the popular bar areas, the coffin-sized sleep spaces are notoriously frequented by Japanese salarymen in a drunken stupor who missed their last train home. Now, a new kind of stylish capsule hotel is popping up across the country. With a blend of function and style, they attract both local business people and foreign hipsters in search of fashionable accommodation. CNN recently reviewed several capsule hotels that are changing the game, including First Cabin Tsukiji (five hotels in Tokyo and three more in Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka), Spa & Capsule Hotel Grandpark Inn Kitasenju, and the twin hotel complex Green Plaza Shinjuku (men only) and Le Luck Spa (women only), located in the heart of Tokyo’s Shinjuku area. This last pair of properties focuses on beauty and health treatments, and features saunas, outdoor baths, hot springs and a variety of massages. To read more at CNN, click here.

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