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Jennifer Aniston’s Nightmare

Emirates has rolled out a clever commercial featuring Jennifer Aniston as a passenger in the middle of a bad dream where there’s no shower on her airplane. A group of snarky flight attendants (employees on the nightmare flight) snicker and giggle as she exclaims, “I’m gonna look pretty silly, dressed like this going to the bar!” Anniston, a self-proclaimed nervous flyer in real life, is horrified to find out from the flight staff that not only is there not a bar, all the second rate airline has to offer her are hot towels and peanuts, a reality most coach-flying-mortals are very much used to. Luckily, she awakes safe and sound in a first class Emirates cabin, free from the horrors of shower-less airplanes. She asks, “Is there someone that we can talk to about maybe flying this around a little bit longer?” To watch the video, click here.

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