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The Key to Stress-Free Corporate Travel

Booking business travel can be tedious and time-consuming for both employees and managers alike. Employees need to be able to manage the details of their itineraries while managers need to limit the cost of business travel as much as possible.

Corporate travel services from a trusted business travel agency take the stress out of corporate travel by providing efficient booking and management tools designed for both employees and managers.

Here are three things your corporate travel service partner should provide to make business travel stress-free for your company.

How Corporate Travel Services Use Mobile Tech to Make Travel Stress-Free

Mobile Access

Mobile technology has revolutionized the corporate sector and travel management is no exception. Mobile access empowers your employees to handle the details wherever they are while enabling managers to maintain visibility and control of the overall program.

Using the latest technology, employees can book airline tickets, rental cars, and hotel rooms from their mobile device. This gives them flexibility on the go within the parameters set by your corporate travel policy. Travelers can also manage expenses from their mobile devices, simplifying the reporting process and saving your company valuable administrative resources.

Automatic Notifications

International corporate travel comes with its own set of disruptions, most of which are outside of the traveler’s control. Flight changes, delays, and cancellations are routine and can become costly if travelers are unaware of these changes until they arrive at the gate.

One way to take the stress out of these situations is to partner with a corporate travel service that provides automatic notifications of changes affecting business travelers. Not only does this allow the traveler to be informed as soon as possible, it also enables your corporate travel partner to help right away with connecting or rebooking flights.

Technology That Takes the Stress Out of Corporate Travel

Remote Direct Hotel Bookings

Processing payment authorizations for direct billing at hotels is often a hassle for all involved. Sometimes fax authorizations don’t get to the front desk of the hotel and employees arrive to check in only to find that they don’t have a reservation or payment arrangements have not been made.

Make direct hotel bookings stress-free by partnering with a corporate travel service that offers remote direct hotel booking. This arrangement uses a single-use credit card number for payment and then automatically sends an authorization to the hotel. Not only does this ensure the reservation is booked quickly but it also limits the charges that can be made by employees.

Teplis provides corporate travel solutions built on the most advanced mobile technology, payment solutions, and expense reporting systems. Contact a Teplis representative today and take the stress out of your corporate travel.

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