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Longer TSA Lines in Atlanta Until May 24

Travelers passing through the world’s busiest airport will spend more time waiting in security lines for the rest of the month as the TSA tests a new automated system for screening passengers. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has shut down its south TSA security checkpoint for three weeks of screening tests, forcing thousands of domestic travelers to pass through the airport’s two remaining checkpoints. The project — a collaboration between the airport, the TSA and hub carrier Delta Air Lines, aims to install automated security screening equipment in two of the four lanes at the south checkpoint. The new equipment will be operated by TSA workers, but the bins passengers place their belongings in are automated so screeners don’t have to spend time recirculating them. Another part of the automation involves sending suspicious bags to a separate conveyor belt. In February, Atlanta’s airport sent a tersely worded letter to the TSA complaining about “inadequate” staffing and warning about increasing passenger traffic this summer. The letter threatens to abandon TSA in favor of privatized passenger screening, unless something is done. To read more at CNN, click here.

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