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Millennials Changing the Hospitality Industry

According to travel industry sources, sometime between now and 2020, millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) will comprise the largest spending demographic in tourism travel. Megan Christianson, executive director of Visit Grand Rapids, said millennials are the new “buzzword” in the hospitality industry. And, as in the workforce, they’re not like Baby Boomers or GenXers. This younger generation of travelers wants to do things on their own terms. “Millennials want freedom of choice,” said Christianson. “They are looking for experiences that are rich and meaningful for them.” Gary Teplis, CEO Teplis Travel commented, “We see a trend of Millennial travelers craving more out-of-the-norm travel experiences, along with an increased demand for immediate (24/7) support. By 2030, this generation of travelers is expected to reach 78 million. Recognizing the power of their spend capacity, Corporate Travel Agencies, like Teplis Travel, are tuning into this market and adapting traditional models to become more savvy and accommodating.” To read more about this segment of our industry at BusinessNorth, click here.

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