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Millennials’ New Idea for Business Travel: Bleisure

While so many corporations are concerned about travel and expense management, millennial employees are growing less focused on low trip costs and more focused on turning each journey abroad into an adventure. “Bleisure” is the term coined by travelers looking to integrate the leisure of vacation into the downtime of their business trips.

Unlike previous generations who were more focused on the bottom line, millennials are prioritizing “getting the most out of life.” The philosophy is “If I’m traveling to a new, beautiful place, why should I miss out on experiencing it while I’m there?” Read on to learn more about the new Millennial trend sweeping the business world.

Using Separate Credit Cards for Bleisure Trips

One concern many employers have for the “bleisure” trend is faulty reporting of reimbursable expenses. When reporting all spend for a trip, it can be difficult to separate what’s considered for leisure versus business. Was a charged meal for a business meeting, or was it a renowned local restaurant that a “bleisure” trip wouldn’t be complete without?

To avoid confusion, travelers are using separate cards to differentiate between their purchases while traveling. There may be some grey areas as to which expenses fall under each category, but just be patient and clear about your policies during the adjustment period. Once the dust settles, the employee and employer will have to come to a mutual understanding.

Millennials’ Need for Constant Travel Information

A recent Travelport study revealed that 44% of millennial travelers find a lack of immediate access to travel information to be a major pain point. Balancing business and leisure during these trips requires precise time management. It is imperative that millennial employees are provided up-to-date technology and total access when it comes to their business and travel itineraries.

How Fashion is Responding to Bleisure

Another pain point with “bleisure” is encountered during the packing process. Travelers find themselves having to pack twice as much as before. Having to carry around extra luggage and do more laundry is never fun, but of course the outcome is worth it (tacking on some “fun time”). Fortunately, clothing companies are responding to the demand with versatile, blended clothing lines that can be used for both business and travel.

Bleisure is Not Just for Millennials

The Global Business Travel Association Foundation did a recent study trying to discover which generation of business travelers are extending work trips to include some “play” time. While millennials led the survey with 48%, 32% percent of all other respondents reported they included leisure into their trips as well. “Bleisure” can be enjoyed by all ages of corporate travelers.

Whether you’re a new professional or a veteran, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience new places while you’re traveling abroad for business. However, mixing business with pleasure doesn’t have to break the bank. For assistance in booking flexible business trips, Teplis Travel would love to help. Our relationships with travel, lodging, and rental vendors position us to help you get the best possible price when booking travel. Contact us for more information today.

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