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Millionaire Magician David Copperfield’s Private Island

(Business Insider) Magic pays, just ask David Copperfield. The world-famous illusionist reportedly spent $50 million on a private island called Musha Cay in the southern Bahamas. After five years and $40 million worth of remodeling work, Copperfield completed what he calls the “most magical vacation destination in the world.” He also acquired 10 additional islands nearby, completing an archipelago now known as the Islands of Copperfield Bay. Sergey Brin married now ex-wife Anne Wojcicki on Musha Cay, and Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, and Johnny Depp have all vacationed there. Musha Cay can also be booked by anyone for a whopping $57,000 a night. With a slew of amenities, including an outdoor theater, a private speedboat, and beach-side daybeds, Musha Cay accommodates those seeking both relaxation and adventure. To see more photos of the island, click here.

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