Mobile Boarding Pass via Passbook App Now Available On Lufthansa

Following the launch of the new Passbook app for the iPhone iOS 6 operating system, Lufthansa passengers can have their boarding pass issued in the appropriate format. From now on, they can also opt to have their mobile boarding pass delivered via the Passbook function on their iPhone. Once passengers have successfully completed the mobile check-in procedure, their boarding pass will be sent to their iPhone and saved to the new Passbook app. The mobile boarding pass can then be called up at any time, even without internet access. As Passbook is time and location aware, the boarding pass will appear on the passenger’s lock screen in time for the flight.

By the end of this year, in the second phase of development, Lufthansa aims to integrate the update functionality. If, for example, the departure gate changes, information in boarding passes stored in Passbook is automatically updated and the user is notified of the change. No further action is required.