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New Airline Seat Designs, 4 Great, One Awful

USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices took a look at patents filed from airline seat designers and found several promising ideas, including a special seat designed for over-sized passengers and a Side-Slip configuration that creates an aisle twice the normal size during boarding! Imagine having 41″ to maneuver your carry-on luggage to your seat, instead of the usual 19″.  The Side-Slip works just as its name suggests: the aisle seat slides up and over the middle seat during boarding and deplaning, widening the aisle and allowing two passengers to walk or stand side-by-side, and even to allow for a wheelchair to be rolled through the cabin. Side-Slip designer Hank Scott announced that his company is “preparing for production” of the seats and that, so far, 23 airlines have expressed interest. To view all the designs, click here.

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