New TSA Procedures: Food

Liquids. Laptops. Batteries. Shoes. We’re used to separating pretty much all our stuff into bins when we’re walking through airport security.

But there’s one more thing that might be next on the Transportation Security Administration’s list of items you’ll have to pull out of your carry-on bag: your snacks.

For the record, it’s totally fine to have food in your bag while going through airport security. But according to The Washington Post, some TSA agents might ask passengers to remove their snacks from their bags and place them into a separate bin.

The reason behind the change? New, high-tech scanners search for organic compounds in explosives, which sometimes leads to false alarms when scanning food items.

This new practice, however, isn’t being upheld across the board, and is generally seen as a recommendation to passengers. According to The Washington Post, a TSA official said “there has been no nationwide policy change requiring people to remove food from their carry-ons to get through security.”

Once passengers have successfully passed through security, their food is safe from any other inspection. Passengers are permitted to bring outside food on planes, although there are restrictions on fresh produce and meats when traveling to some international destinations, and any food that could be considered a liquid (including spreads like peanut butter) can only be carried on in servings of less than 3.4 ounces.

The TSA website gives information on what is and is not permitted on flights, so it’s always beneficial to plan ahead as much as possible.

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