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What You Really Need to Know About International Business Travel

International business travel is more complicated than a domestic flight across the country. Overseas trips require special attention to planning, packing, and flying.    By working with a business travel agency, you’ll feel fully prepared for the trip and its unique nuances. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before, during, and after an international flight.  Planning Before the Flight  With terrorism on the rise, entry into another country is stricter…


Introducing: The Largest Cruise Ship in the World

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ Symphony of the Seas, which is set to debut in April 2018 with its inaugural season in Europe, will come into service as the largest cruise ship in the world. With 16 guest decks, the ship will be able to carry 5,500 guests at double occupancy in 2,774 staterooms. When it enters service, Symphony…


Simplification the Way Forward for Travel Industry

According to research from the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), underwritten by HRS, travel managers are struggling in the face of changing technology and business travellers’ needs and expectations. Respondents recognise the challenge and understand that simplifying their programmes could yield benefits, but simplification initiatives face competing priorities. Titled Simplifying Managed Travel, the study…


A Guide to Japanese Onsen Etiquette

Planning business travel to Japan? If you spend much time with Japanese colleagues there may come a time when you are invited to an onsen, a traditional natural-spring bathhouse. While Switzerland has its “terme baden”, Hungary its “furdo”, and Iceland its “hotpots”, Japan is home to the omnipresent onsen, soothing hot spring baths scattered across…

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Calculating the True Cost of Business Travel | Teplis Travel

Costs associated with business travel don’t end with what can be recorded on receipts. Rental vehicles, flights, hotels, and per diem are a large portion of your travel and expense management, but there are hidden costs to consider. Taking it one step further, not every “cost” is monetary in nature.   In addition to actual money spent, you’ll need to account for what’s known as…


Flyer’s Rights: A Primer

What recourse do you have when a flight is canceled or delayed, or the airline changes its schedule, or loses or delays a checked bag or bumps you from a flight? Even though the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and European regulators promulgate and enforce consumer protections, there are probably fewer rights than you think,…


Auctioning Airline Upgrades

How much is a seat in the front cabin worth to you at the last minute? That’s the question frequent flyers could be facing from more airlines in the future, following a successful test of upgrade auctions on Virgin America flights. The test was conducted by a mobile app called SeatBoost, which teamed up with…


Pittsburgh’s New $1 Billion Terminal

Twenty-five years after its midfield terminal opened, Pittsburgh International Airport is primed for a $1.1 billion transformation, one that includes a new building for ticketing and security, a new parking garage and a streamlined boarding facility. The plan includes a new “landside” terminal where passengers would arrive to the airport and proceed to a modern…


Affordable Hawaii

Explore the most beautiful State in the Union, without spending a small fortune. Affordable Hawaii is in your future and what better place to start than Maui, the land of white sand beaches, lush tropical gardens and endless opportunities for fun!  Take in the breathtaking panoramic views from the summit of Maui’s dormant Haleakalā volcano,…

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Yes, Airplane Seats Have Gotten Smaller, But There’s Hope

Did you know that over 70,000 flights cross the United States daily? Add to that the thousands of flights taking off on the other side of the world, putting millions of planes in the air each day.   For a corporate travel agency, their travelers’ comfort and experience in flight are top priorities. To keep passengers safe and comfortable, there is a trend needing to be remedied: reduced seat size on airplanes.  With seat width and depth decreasing…