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Peace Index Rates The Safest Destinations

Iceland, Denmark, and Austria are the three safest countries in the world. That’s the finding of this year’s Global Peace Index (GPI), published annually by the Institute of Economics and Peace. The study rates 163 countries based on 23 factors, including violent crime, political terror, import/export of weapons, refugee influx, and violent demonstrations. Rounding out the Top Ten peaceful destinations are New Zealand, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, and Slovenia. The gap between the most and least peaceful countries continued to grow last year, mostly due to war and internal strife. There were no surprises on the least peaceful destinations. The three most dangerous were Syria, South Sudan, and Iraq. But high on the list were countries more familiar to global travelers: Turkey ranked 145 out of 163 countries, and Russia was 151. The United States only ranked 103rd safest. Brazil (site of the Summer Olympics this year) was 105th and Mexico, 140th. To read more at Travel Market Report, click here.

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