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Premium Economy Class is Here to Stay

First seen in the early 90’s on Eva Air and Virgin, premium economy sections can be found on 28 airlines, including major carriers such as British Airways and Air France. But the December announcement by American Airlines that it will become the first U.S. carrier to offer an international premium economy product has some proclaiming that this least-established fare class has finally come of age. Premium economy sections, of course, differ in their details from airline to airline. But in general, they feature a more plush seat than would be found in the economy section. Seats are two to three inches wider than in economy. They recline further. They have footrests and adjustable headrests. And they offer significantly more legroom than economy. Premium economy seats offer a significant upgrade in comfort over economy at a relatively affordable price. For example, Singapore Airlines typically sells a premium economy seat from Singapore to the U.S. for around $1,900, company spokesman James Boyd said, as opposed to an economy class ticket of approximately $1,200. Business-class seats, in contrast, generally cost in the $7,000-to-$8,000 range. To read more at Travel Weekly, click here.

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