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Premium Tours Offer Value for Travelers

When considering the value of a tour, most people look first at the tangible value they get from the quality of the accommodations and sightseeing. But in fact, many travelers are more interested in the intangible value that they’ll get from experiences they’ve been dreaming about for years. With so many offerings on the table, travelers often need to be guided by their travel agent to consider overall value instead of just looking at the up-front price. A premium tour offers smaller group sizes, which means less waiting compared to a bigger group of 50+ people and the likelihood that someone gets lost in the shopping area, forcing everyone else to wait. In addition, premium tours often use advanced technology like whisper earphones so everyone doesn’t have to stand around the guide like a group of small ducks. Premium tours also feature boutique hotels which bring out the character of the destination. On a budget group tour, the hotels are on the edge of town and away from cultural centers and landmark sights. To read more at Travel Weekly, click here.

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