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Secure Browsing On The Road with SilentKeys

Although free Wi-Fi is every business traveler’s favorite hotel amenity, those networks can leave you dangerously vulnerable and at risk of being hacked, infected with malware or having your sensitive data stolen. SilentKeys is a portable keyboard that attaches to your computer through its USB port and, when activated, it uses TOR or a VPN to securely encrypt all of your online activities. Even on public Wi-Fi networks, SilentKeys protects your logins and passwords, give you end-to-end encryption on your email and prevents malware, adware and tracking programs from determining your location. The Paris-based designer says its product allows you to “browse without fear.” SilentKeys is currently available through Kickstarter for a pledge of $188. There are several other great travel products currently available at Kickstarter and Indiegogo and the folks at USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices have profiled a few. To see these innovative designs, click here.

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