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Senate Passes Different FAA Bill

A bill put forward Wednesday by the Senate transportation committee would offer several new consumer protections for airline passengers, but steers clear of the controversial proposal to privatize the nation’s air traffic control (ATC) system put forward last month by the House. The Senate bill proposes a series of studies and reporting requirements designed to facilitate more efficient system development as opposed to the creation of a nonprofit corporation to run the U.S. ATC network. Delta Airlines recently published a study that found privatization would increase costs to taxpayers by 30%. But the Senate bill goes well beyond the House proposal on the issue of consumer protection. While both bills include language that would require airlines to refund checked baggage fees when items are lost or delayed, the Senate proposal would create a standard, required method for airlines to display ancillary fees, including baggage fees, cancellation and change fees and seat assignment fees prior to the point of purchase. That measure differs sharply from the House bill, which would do away with the full-fare advertising rule that requires airlines and other ticket sellers to post the total price, including taxes and fees, in all advertising. To read more at Travel Weekly, click here.

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