Singapore Airlines Unveils A380 Makeover

Four years ago, Singapore Airlines’ design team started working on new interiors for its fleet of Airbus A380s, and their updated products have just been revealed, bringing additional elements of comfort to bolster the carrier’s reputation as one of the world’s best for passengers.

While many global airlines are eliminating first class from their long-haul aircraft, Singapore is sticking with the traditional premium cabin – but it is cutting the number of first class suites on the A380s from 12 to six, and moving them to the front of the upper deck. The rest of the upper deck will be occupied by 78 new business class seats, while the lower deck accommodates 44 premium economy seats and 343 regular economy.

The spacious first class suites will have more than just a big seat-bed – they’ll have an actual bed with adjustable recline and a comfortable leather chair, along with lots of storage space. What’s more, passengers in two adjoining suites can remove the wall in between them so the separate beds become a double bed. (When not in use, the first class beds can be stowed, freeing up even more space.) The chairs can swivel and recline. Suites also come with a swiveling 32-inch HDTV monitor, full-sized wardrobe, and mood lighting. And the first class cabin has a pair of redesigned lavatories that may be the most spacious in the sky.

Business class seats, configured 1-2-1 and forward-facing, are 25 inches wide and recline into a 78-inch bed. They come with an 18-inch high-def touch-screen monitor, USB and power ports, adjustable reading lights, mood lighting and a larger dining table. The seats’ larger back shell “creates a cocoon-like feel,” Singapore said, and the privacy divider between the two middle seats can be lowered to form double beds – “an ideal choice for customers such as families traveling together,” the airline said (although these are not enclosed suites like in first class, so the beds aren’t private).

Premium economy seats (configured 2-4-2) are 19.5 inches wide, recline eight inches, and offer 38-inch pitch, calf and foot rests, power ports and a pair of USB ports. Monitors are 13.3 inches, and passengers get noise-cancelling headphones. Regular economy seats (with a 3-4-3 layout) have 32-inch pitch, 18.5-inch width, and six-inch recline. Video monitors measure 11.1 inches.

The airline has five new A380s on order; they’ll come with all the enhancements, and will start to enter service in December. Singapore’s existing fleet of 14 A380s will also get the refit, with work starting in 2018 and continuing into 2020. Singapore’s New York flight (via Frankfurt) is its only U.S. route currently served with an A380.

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