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Study: Meeting In Person Most Effective & Productive

Globally, 86 percent of travelers surveyed said a meeting conducted in-person is more effective and productive, a view consistent across every age group. Travelers in Australia, Canada, China, India, UK, and the US made a stronger endorsement, at 90 percent, on average; as did travelers with a title of VP and above (91 percent). In an age when rampant connectivity allows us to work virtually from anywhere, business travelers believe there is a lot to be said for showing up.  The findings, part of a study of travel and technology by Egencia, also found more than two-thirds of global travelers surveyed (67 percent) said they would be less successful in their role if they did not travel. While conducting business in-person hasn’t gone out of style, neither has the need for companies to manage the cost of business travel. As companies have moved toward cost containment, travelers have felt the pinch. More than half of travelers (54 percent) said cost is the most important factor to their company when booking a trip. Among travelers who have experienced a more stringent travel policy in recent years, more than three-quarters (78 percent) feel that cost savings has been the driver. To read more at Travel Daily News, click here.

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