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The Best Hotels For Sleep In The U.S.

Sleep is essential to travel. Many of us embark on trips with visions of unplugging, detoxing from digital devices and really, truly relaxing for once — and we crave lodgings that are able to help us do so. The Huffington Post’s Suzy Strutner has compiled a list of sleep-friendly properties to help you get your zzzzs while out on the road. ┬áThis┬ábevy of U.S. resort brands and individual hotels are placing a newly-invigorated focus on sleep, with options for those seeking luxury and those sticking to a budget. From specialty mattresses to WiFi-free programs to curated menus that deliver all sorts of bedtime tools and treats, these properties are a happy reminder that sleep is important… and that it’s a very important part of travel. To view the list, click here.

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