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The Ultimate Guide to In-Flight Wi-Fi

USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices has collected the latest details on the Wi-Fi programs at every U.S. airline, including the availability and the cost. Other than JetBlue, who recently announced that its newly installed high-speed Wi-Fi would be available for free, fleet-wide, it’s going to cost you. And in most cases you’ll be on GoGo.  If you are on one of the airlines that uses Gogo, you’ll probably save money if you sign up for your Wi-Fi access before you board the flight (and all prices listed in the article linked below are for advance purchases). Through Gogo’s website, you can also get a smartphone or iPod touch-only pass, which is $8 for 24 hours of access. Also, if you’re bouncing from carrier to carrier for the next month or so, you can sign up for a multi-airline pass that is good for 30 days of Wi-Fi on any of Gogo’s participating airlines. But be careful: those monthly passes are set to auto-renew, and auto-charge your credit card for almost $50. To read the complete article, click here.

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